How to Create a Service Request Ticket:

  • Access your Customer Service Portal to create, modify and view service tickets.

{The first time you use this method, you will need to create your password. Follow the “Client Support” tab at and click the Client Service Desk Login button. The account has already been setup but you will use the “Forgot your password? Enter your email address above, and then click this link” option to create a password.}

  • Phone call ­ But before you do, please know this: There will be a service ticket created for all service and support requests. If Technigogo receives a phone call for service requests, a ticket is still made. This results in an extra step that potentially slows down response time to your issue. It is much more efficient, and therefore faster, to submit all service requests through the Client Service Desk or by email.

  • If your service need is a true “High Severity/High Impact” Emergency, then first creating a service ticket if you are able and then calling is preferred. The phone number for Support Requests: (512) 940-0449   option 1​


IMPORTANT GUIDELINES for your Technigogo Service:

  1. Please leave your computers on when you leave the office. System automation runs at night and will not do so if the computer is turned off. (This does not apply to laptops while traveling, etc.)

  2. Please do not request or allow support from any other persons or sources that Technigogo has not expressly authorized. Doing so may cause damage to your network and systems for which Technigogo will bill your company for repair.

  3. Please use for technical support requests ONLY and not for any other purpose.

    Here is a list of contacts for other purposes:

                     Billing Questions:    

                     Sales Questions:      

                     Executive Contact:            Steve Waller, President



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