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Technology Support Services

The saying goes: “If you had a mechanic living in your garage, your car would run forever.” Likewise, today’s computer systems and networks enjoy amazing reliability…with proper maintenance.

Computer systems are not a convenience, but a necessity. Today’s small and mid-size businesses fully recognize the critical nature of their systems. When technology stops working, so does the staff. Whether you have 4, 40, or 400 employees, Technigogo can customize IT Solutions for your business. Think you can’t afford a professional IT Managed Support Provider? Think again!

, Why Technigogo

Technology Integrations

Technology Should Make Life Easier

If it’s not, then you need Technigogo. We specialize in giving small and mid-size businesses the same remote and mobile technologies that the big corporations have; and yes, it’s affordable. Imagine being able to have all your usual tools, contacts, documents, even your office phone extension and more, right at your fingertips no matter where you are working; another desk, another office, home or even on the road.

, Why Technigogo

Service Solutions

Subscriptions vs. Contracts

Ask yourself: Why would I sign a binding contract for any service if I could get the same or better without the commitment? At Technigogo, we developed the Subscription based model for managed and monitored services. We believe that

Performance should be the commitment; not a contract. Give your business an IT support company that knows how to keep things from breaking, knows how to fix things when they do break, and will work their tail off to get the job done.

, Why Technigogo

Technigogo Difference

Managed & Monitored Services

Keep the watchful eyes of our experts on your business systems 24/7. Billable service work is then authorized by you as needed. Technigogo provides remote, on-site, and phone support for you and your employees.

Monitored Anti-virus – Fully automatic and monitored constantly.

Online / Offsite Critical Data Backup– This is a true “let you sleep at night” data loss prevention solution.